Nogoodnik steals rims and tires from car on E. 53rd Street

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

A wheel jerk!

A lout stole a man’s car wheels on E. 53rd Street on the night of Jan. 20.

The victim left his vehicle parked outside the house between Avenues H and I at 6:45 pm, cops said.

When he got up the next day at 9:10 am, he saw that someone had stolen all four Honda rims and Michelin tires from the car and left it raised on cinder blocks, according to police.

Thanks a lot!

A bandit robbed a woman in an Avenue U parking lot on Jan. 23.

The victim told cops she was standing outside her car inside the lot between E. 55th and 56th streets just after 2 pm when the malcontent approached her and asked her a series of questions.

He then went to her passenger door and snatched her wallet from inside her bag and made a run for it towards Avenue U, according to police.

Car buster

A nogoodnik robbed a woman’s car and used her bank cards on Foster Avenue on Jan. 26.

The woman parked her car at her boyfriend’s house between E. 57th and 58th streets at 5 am and received a call from her bank alerting her of fraudulent activity on her account, according to cops.

Then she went to check her car and found that a malefactor had busted her car window and taken her handbag, including her debit card, passport, Social Security Card, birth certificate, and driver’s license, police said.

The victim also told cops that the thief used the card for $81 at Staples and made two more unsuccessful attempts at two different pharmacies.

— Kevin Duggan