Obama, Schumer and racism in America

Now that the U.S. has its first African-American in the White House, is this nation experiencing more racism? I don’t know if we have more, but I do know that we have more accusations. Say something negative about Obama and it is redirected and distracted with claims of intolerance.

We recently learned that there are left-wing journalists who played the race card to deflect any criticism of the president. Not very nice. I cannot help but notice that these claims of racism have pushed anti-Semitism off the front pages and onto the back burner. Now make no mistake about it, anti-Semitism is alive and as sick as ever. It’s just not a very interesting thing to write about these days. It’s also not talked about by those who really should be in front of the microphone — like Charles Schumer.

Our good senator is one of the most important, prestigious Jews on earth. I don’t recall seeing or hearing him speak up after the flotilla disaster. In fact, it might be my aging, failing memory, but I don’t recall ever hearing him speak up on anti-Semitism ever. Please don’t tell me that you heard him in your synagogue in front of 200 people — this man could command a press conference and have his pro-Jewish sentiments bellowed to millions anytime he pleases.

I remember him in front of the cameras squawking about the high price of corn flakes. Sometime later, when I wrote about it in this column, one of his aids responded by telling me that he, single-handedly, is responsible for Kellogg’s reducing its breakfast cereal prices. Yeah, right! If Sen. Schumer has the power to reduce prices, please — I beg of him — come on down to my supermarket and wave that magic wand. Do it for me. Do it for my community. Do it for America.

The prices on corn flakes went down because the Kellogg Company noticed the public buying the less expensive generic brands.

Schumer can’t reduce the price of food. He cannot reduce the price of anything except — except — except — taxes. C’mon, Chuck, give us a break. Lower my taxes and then call a press conference on anti-Semitism — you owe it to us.


The following was sent to me from Ben Greenberg:

“Dear Stanley,

I hope you will enlist the readers of your column to support the Kerry/Daschle — Rangel/Geithner Tax Reform Bill of 2010. The provisions of the bill and its accompanied addendums are relatively simple.

1) Pay no federal, state or local taxes until CAUGHT.

2) When CAUGHT, pay no penalties and negotiate interest charges (if necessary).


1) Obtain the Sen. Dodd below market mortgage interest rate.

2) Continue support of the House-passed carbon bill with the proviso that compensation will be paid to all individuals who are unable to equal output of the carbon imprint of the Gore-Kerry mansions, jets, SUVs or yachts.

Addendum to Addendum: If and when your behavior becomes apparent, place blame of error(?) on your accountant, lawyer, staff, mother-in-law, wife or children. If the above culprits are unacceptable — BLAME BUSH!!!”

I am [email protected] telling you that Ben Greenberg is a devout Democrat, very left wing, pro-union, committed liberal. He just doesn’t like crooks.