Oy vey! Marty is on mute after throat procedure!

Oy vey! Marty is on mute after throat procedure!
The Brooklyn Paper / Joe Marino

Brooklyn has lost its voice.

Borough President Markowitz underwent a procedure on his throat last Tuesday that has forced him to temporarily muzzle one of his most powerful weapons: his mouth.

“I’m not sure who’s happier about it, my staff or my wife,” joked Markowitz days before the procedure, which left him unable to join fellow opponents of the Prospect Park West bike lane during a rally last Thursday, though the Beep made sure to voice his strong opposition to it earlier in the week.

Still, the borough just won’t be the same without the cheerleader-in-chief bellowing the Kings English.

“He’ll be silent for the remainder of this week and back in action on Monday,” said Markowitz’s spokesman Mark Zustovich, who would only describe the treatment as a “minor throat procedure,” and “nothing serious.”

He added, “He was home within a matter of hours. But as with anything involving your throat, the doctors order you to rest your voice for a few days.”

Anyone desperate for a daily Marty fix can check out his Web site, where he enthusiastically touts the wonders of Kings County in front of the iconic “Welcome to Brooklyn” sign.

Or you could watch Markowitz’s hilarious — in a good way and in the train wreck sense — plea for Apple to open a store in Brooklyn while he tinkers with an iPad.

And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could even watch his speech where he strips down to his swimsuit in a stunt meant to draw attention to the temporary closing of the Double-D Pool in Gowanus. (Of course, Brooklyn Paper Editor Gersh Kuntzman took the nudity one step further.)

But until Monday, the Beep will be holed up in Markowitz manor in Windsor Terrace.

“He’s recuperating at home and doing well,” said Zustovich. “He looks forward to speaking to Brooklynites again.”