Pier 6 is without peer thanks to amazing kid attractions

Pier 6 is without peer thanks to amazing kid attractions
Community Newspaper Group / Andy Campbell

It might just be the coolest place to bring your kids for free.

Guests at a sneak preview of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 on Saturday hailed an expansive playground — including a water park, giant sandbox and swings galore — as living up to the hype.

“I think it’s gonna be great,” said Cobble Hill resident Alex Golden as she toured the 1.6-acre playground. “I’m just excited to finally have a green space near me. When we do have kids, it’ll be perfect.”

The pier will open in June and offer a maze of different play areas for children among trees and tall grass. But later this summer, the real all-ages fun begins: a dog run, three sand volleyball courts, a restaurant with roof access, and even a plant marsh will join the mix.

But even with the pier still under construction, parents agreed that developers have lived up to their promise of a better playground, after they admitted “mistakes” in the planning of Pier 1’s kiddy park — mistakes that led to a few minor injuries.

“I love that the play area is split up in different areas — it won’t be so crowded and there’s a lot to do,” said Savita Lepore, who brought her three children on the tour.

It’s a tee-pee-gone-slide!
Community Newspaper Group / Andy Campbell

The sneak-peek revealed many fun elements:

• At “Slide Mountain” near the entrance, large spheres and ropes make for some expert jungle gyms, and long slides careen through rock formations.

• Multiple grass-lined pathways bring you to “Swing Valley,” where there are several shaded nooks with swings for different experience levels.

• Then there’s “Sandbox Village” and a water park, where kids were dropping their jaws or an epic sandbox and kiddy river.

If that’s not enough, a restaurant is nearing completion. Developers said there are also plans to add a water taxi port and “Picnic Peninsula” near the park entrance.

Ellen Ryan of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation points to where the volleyball courts will be later this summer.
Community Newspaper Group / Andy Campbell