Playtime is over at this studio

Playtime canceled

A perp hit a woman over the head with a glass bottle inside a Graham Avenue recording studio on March 25.

The woman was inside the Playtime Studio near Broadway at 3:20 am with the perp, a man she knew from work, when he grabbed a bottle and struck her head. He fled before the police showed up.

No Marcy

A thief stole a laptop from a Marcy Avenue apartment on March 25 at 5:50 pm, and fled onto the roof to an adjoining building at Hope Street — just as the tenant came home from work.

It’s a Keaper

A thief took a video game system and several games from a S. Fifth Street apartment on March 25 while its tenant was at work between 9 am and 8 pm.

Hard time

A thief stole a laptop and hard drive from a Bedford Avenue apartment near S. Third Street on Mar 26 at 3 pm while its tenant was out for the afternoon.

McKibbed it

A thief swiped a Toyota from McKibbin Street overnight on March 22. The owner told cops that she parked near White Street at 10 pm, but when she returned the next night, the Japanese wheels were gone.

Subaru smash

A thief swiped stuff from a Subaru from Knickerbocker Avenue overnight on March 25. The owner said she parked near Grattan Street at 7:30 pm, but returned the next day to find her rear window smashed and her laptop, clothes, and books stolen from the back seat.

Harrison Ford

A thief stole a Ford from Harrison Place on March 26. The owner told cops that she had parked near Bogart Street at 9 am, but when she returned 12 hours later, the was gone.

— Aaron Short