Police: Man sneaks socks and sneakers out of store

78th Precinct

Park Slope


Cops cuffed a man after he allegedly stole sneakers and socks from a Flatbush Avenue retailer on Dec. 23.

An employee told police he spotted the suspect waltz out of the store near Atlantic Avenue with an estimated $224 worth of footwear at 6:24 pm, after wrapping aluminum foil around sensors embedded in the sneakers in order to prevent alarms from sounding as he passed through the exit.

Police arrested the man that day, charging him with petty larceny, cops said.


Some jerk made off with the front grill of a woman’s car she parked at a Union Street hotel on Dec. 21.

The victim told police she left her car in the parking lot of the inn between Third and Fourth avenues at 6 pm, and returned a few hours later to find the part on her 2009 Acura missing.

Police have made no arrests, and closed the case, cops said.

Teen terror

A 16-year-old girl stole more than $500 worth of attire from a Flatbush Avenue lingerie store on Dec. 18, cops said.

An employee told police she spotted the suspect stuffing her pockets with merchandise from the store near Atlantic Avenue at 4:45 pm, before skipping past the register without paying.

She didn’t get far, however, and security managed to catch up with her and recover the clothes, but declined to prosecute when cops arrived, according to police.

Officers did escort the teen suspect back to the precinct, but only for lack of being able to contact guardians, who did eventually come to collect the girl, cops said.


Some rascal filled the lock on the front door of a woman’s Warren Street apartment with glue on Dec. 16.

The victim told police she was coming back from doing laundery when she returned to her pad between Third and Fourth avenues at 4 pm, and discovered her key strangely didn’t work.

Upon further inspection, she discovered some vandal had filled it with glue, cops said.

— Colin Mixson