Police: Man swipes thousands worth of clothing from store

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

New wardrobe

Cops cuffed a 50-year old man who they say shoplifted at an Avenue U clothing store on March 16.

The thief entered the store near Flatbush Avenue shortly after 5 pm, before making off with an estimated $2,202 in stolen merchandise, said cops.

Police arrested the man shortly after 7:45 pm later that evening and charged him with grand larceny, according to the report.

Deflating robbery

Robbers stole all four tires off a man’s car while parked overnight on Avenue J on March 16.

The victim left his car between E. 58th and E. 59th streets at 7:45 pm, and f returned at 8:45 am the next day to discover the theft, said cops.

Purse snatcher

A thief stole a 70-year-old woman’s purse in a Flatbush Avenue shopping mall on March 13.

The victim was in a fitting room in a clothing store at the mall near Avenue U when, shortly after 4 pm, the perp made off with her bag, which contained $1,100, several pieces of jewelry, and her driver’s licence, said police.

Fake arrest

Con artists scammed an 86-year-old E. 32nd Street resident out of $7,800 on March 1.

The victim told police he received a call at his home from a muffled voice that claimed to be his grandson, who said, “I am arrested, I need money. A lawyer will contact you.” Another man later called the victim claiming to be a lawyer who said, “Your grandson is in the hospital, you need to send money to bail him out.” The victim then deposited $7,800 into the so-called lawyer’s bank account, said cops.

The victim eventually successfully got in contact with his grandson, who had not been arrested, and knew nothing about the incident, according to police.

Big spender

A Huckster opened up a bank account using an E. 61st Street resident’s personal information and charged more than $1,000 to it on March 8.

The victim received a bill at his home between Avenues T and U from the banking company for $1,164.10 for unknown charges. An investigation showed that someone had opened the account using the 57-year-old victim’s identity and made the charges without his knowledge, said cops.

— Aidan Graham