‘Police Navidad’ at Atlantic Terminal

Police Navidad

The Atlantic Terminal Mall, home to both Target and Chuck E. Cheese, was the site of five larcenies around Christmas. Here are the details:

• A thief swiped a woman’s wallet from her table at the game-filled fast-food eatery at 2 pm on Dec. 18.

• A thief took a woman’s wallet that she briefly left on top of her baby stroller while she was shopping at 2:30 pm on Dec. 20.

• A thief picked up a woman’s purse that she left on the floor at 2:30 pm on Dec. 20, collecting about $300.

• A thief snatched a woman’s Coach bag off a shopping cart at 10:15 pm while the woman was shopping at Target on Dec. 22.

• A thief took a woman’s bag right out of her Target shopping cart at 2:15 pm on Dec. 26, as she was trying to take advantage of some post-Christmas sales.

Clinton bill

A thief tried to steal two jackets and jewelry from a Clinton Avenue apartment on Dec. 21 — but the tenant walked into the apartment and ripped the clothes right off him.

The perp broke into the apartment near Willoughby Avenue at 1:40 pm and pocketed some jewelry and clothing, but he couldn’t leave fast enough. The tenant returned, spotted the perp inside, and fought him until the thief gave up the goods.

Lafayette punch

Two perps robbed a man and punched him in the head on Dec. 19 on Lafayette Avenue.

The perps approached the man at 1:40 am and demanded his phone — then one punched him for good measure.

Gates project

A robber punched a man in his face and stole his phone at Gates Avenue on Dec. 20.

The perp approached his victim at Washington Avenue at 7:30 pm, hit him square in the jaw, then took his phone and fled.

Adelphi computer

A thief broke into an Adelphi Street apartment on Dec. 24 and stole two computers.

The tenant left his apartment at 5 pm for dinner and a movie but when he returned to the apartment near Flushing Avenue at 2:45 am, he found his rear window was unlocked and his stuff was stolen.


A perp with a blue scarf wrapped around his face held up a Fulton Street pharmacy on Dec. 17, stealing $170.

The thief entered the drugstore at 5 pm, demanding money. He took the cash out of the register as the employees huddled in a corner, and fled down Fulton Street toward S. Elliot Place.

Lafayette robbery

A thug held up a woman on Lafayette Avenue on Dec. 24, taking her bag.

The ski mask-wearing perp approached his victim from behind near S. Oxford Street at 5:35 am, stating, “Don’t move, shut the f—k up.” He grabbed her bag and shoved her to the ground.

Flute stolen

A thief broke into a car parked on S. Oxford Street and stole a silver-plated flute from the back seat.

The driver parked near Lafayette Avenue at 2 am on Dec. 25, but when she returned at 11 am the next day, she found the driver’s door was unlocked and the instrument was stolen.

36 S. Oxford St.