Red Hook celebrates harvest season with fun and games

Red Hook celebrates harvest season with fun and games
Photo by Trey Pentecost

Red Hookers flocked to a local ranch on Saturday to celebrate harvest season with rustic farm games and pony rides!

“It was amazing.” said Domingo Morales, a site manager at Red Hook Farm. “Everybody had a lot of fun.”

A few hundred fun seekers partook in apple bobbing, carved pumpkins, competed in a spicy pepper eating contest and learned the exquisite art of Mushroom spawning, in addition to trotting around the farm on the back of a few docile ponies.

The Red Hook Farm, where the festival was hosted, is a youth–centered educational farm on the plot of a former concrete baseball field on Columbia Street, which aims to educate local youngsters on leadership and ecology.

The festival took place at the same time as the grower’s regularly scheduled farmer’s market, so those looking to revel in the delight of the harvest season also had the chance to buy some reasonably priced organic produce.

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Trey Pentecost