Revel opens ultrafast EV charging hub in South Williamsburg

Mayor Eric Adams charges the first Revel vehicle at newly opened charging hub.
Mayor Eric Adams charges the first Revel vehicle at newly opened charging hub.
Photo courtesy of Stan Schnier/Revel

Micro-mobility and infrastructure company Revel has opened a new EV charging station in south Williamsburg, which will help electrify cars and other vehicles in the Big Apple. 

The new hub includes 15 public EV charging stalls capable of charging speeds of up to 150 kilowatt-hours.

The Brooklyn-based company, best known for their fleet of for-hire electric mopeds, announced in January of this year their plans to expand their services with five new public and universally accessible EV quick charging stations across Queens, Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan and the Bronx, bringing the total of charging stations to 160.

Revel also operates a fleet of blue-painted electric Tesla Model Y’s and Model 3’s that operate as taxis hailed through their app.

On Monday, Mayor Eric Adams joined Revel, along with the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) leader David Do and Economic Development Corporation (EDC) head Andrew Kimball to celebrate the opening of Revel’s second public EV charging station. 

The mayor performed the inaugural charge of one of the Revel ride share EVs, expressing his excitement for the company’s expansion and charging accessibility.

“New York City is plugging into a cleaner, greener future,” said Adams on April 10. “This station, the largest publicly accessible ultra-fast charging station in New York state, will help support the electrification of New York City’s Uber and Lyft fleet by 2030, as I announced in my State of the City address this year. Drivers want to drive electric vehicles, but New York City needs more chargers.”

The new Revel EV charging station is located in the garage of the historic Dime building at 260 S. Fourth St., where Revel has recently moved their headquarters. 

The station, like the original flagship in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, is open to the public 24/7, with no entry fee needed, and is capable of charging any brand of EV.

The South Williamsburg charging superhub is the first of Revel’s new superhubs to be completed, with three more on the way: a 60-stall charging hub in Queens; a 30-stall hub in the South Bronx; and a 10-stall site in Lower Manhattan.

The expansions, company leaders say, indicate that more and more New Yorkers are leaning towards a cleaner transportation future.

“New Yorkers want to go electric, many already have, but before EVs can become the main way we get around on four-wheels, we need more places to get a quick and reliable charge,” said Frank Reig, CEO & co-founder of Revel. “Before this year, the outlook for significant new EV infrastructure was not optimistic. I’m proud to say that’s no longer the case. Revel is not just changing the landscape of public fast charging in the city, with the South Williamsburg Superhub and more sites coming over the next year, we’re creating it.”

Other city leaders also commended the expansion of EV charging stations.

“Making fast, reliable electric vehicle charging accessible across New York City’s five boroughs is at the foundation of reducing emissions in our city,” said Deputy Mayor for Operations Meera Joshi. “We applaud Revel’s infrastructure investment in New York City, which will make it easier for drivers to go electric.”

For more information on Revel and their planned EV charging station expansions, visit their website here.

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Correction: An earlier publication mistakenly said that Revel’s fleet included Model X Tesla vehicles. Revel’s fleet is actually comprised of Tesla Model Y’s and 3’s. Brooklyn Paper regrets this error.

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