Scammer opens cards in woman’s name and goes on shopping spree

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Plastic scam

A jerk used the personal information of an 84th Street woman to sign up for multiple credit cards, charging more than $9,000 to one of them, the woman reported to police on Aug. 10.

The woman, who lives between 24th and 25th avenues, reported the identity theft to police around noon.

What a way to start the day

A thief stole credit and debit cards and electronics by breaking into an 81st Street bedroom on Aug. 6.

The sneak broke into the basement bedroom between 18th and 19th avenues around 9 am after removing the metal bars from the window, police said.

Found a way in

A perp stole $100, credit and debit cards, and electronics from a woman’s locked car parked on Bay 16th Street on Aug. 6.

The theft occurred from the parking spot between 84th and 85th streets sometime after she left the car at 9:30 am, according to the report.

Scammed her twice

A pilferer stole a Quentin Road woman’s debit card and then stole $1,700 from her account in two separate transactions on Aug. 6.

The woman left her card inside her wallet in her home between W. Second and W. Third streets around 2 pm, and returned around 5 pm to find it gone, according to the report.

Phony philanthropy

A swindler stole $2,600 from a Bay 13th Street man by giving him a bad check for $2,850 and having him buy Amazon gift cards on Aug. 6.

The thief had the man — who lives between Bath and Benson avenues — carry out the plan just before 6 pm, when he told him that he wanted to use the gift cards for “a charitable cause,” according to the report. But the next day, when the man became suspicious and called the bank, reps told him the check was bad and that they could not refund him for the amount he lost, authorities said.

Classic crook

A thief broke into an 84th Street apartment and stole electronics, jewelry, and $415 on Aug. 8.

The break-in and theft occurred at the home at Bay 16th Street around 9 am, according to the report.

Stolen van

A crook stole a white 2007 Ford van from its New Utrecht Avenue parking spot on July 21, a man reported to police on Aug. 8.

The theft of the car occurred around 7:30 pm between 81st and 82nd streets, according to the report.

Gone in the night

A crook stole a man’s white 2014 Ford van from its 16th Avenue parking spot on Aug. 8.

The thief stole the van from its spot between 79th and 80th streets at around 10 pm, according to the report. The owner of the van told police he had both sets of keys to it.

Towed without reason

A criminal illegally towed a gray 2011 Nissan car from its Lake Street driveway on Aug. 11.

The baddie stole the car from the owner’s driveway between Avenue S and Kings Highway just before midnight, police reported.

Window of opportunity

A pilferer stole electronics, a purse, and a cellphone from a 71st Street home on Aug. 11.

The thief entered the home between 17th and 18th avenues through an open window around 4 am, police said.

Didn’t see it coming

A lout struck a man on the side of his head with a glass bottle and stabbed him in the chest with an unknown object on McDonald Avenue on Aug. 11.

The victim told police he walked outside of the watering hole between Kings Highway and Avenue S around 3 am, and got into a dispute with the baddie, which soon escalated. The victim took himself to the emergency room at Maimonides Medical Center at 4:30 am, according to the report.

Major steal

A thief stole an estimated $21,400 worth of jewelry from a woman’s Avenue S home on Aug. 4, she reported to police on Aug. 11.

The criminal took the jewels from the woman’s home between W. Ninth and W. 10th streets at some point after she left for work at 4 pm.

Stole during a subway snooze

A lout stole a man’s bracelet and wallet — and then made several charges to his credit and debit cards — while the man was asleep on a Coney Island-bound N train on Aug. 12.

The man got on the train at 34th Street in Manhattan at around 6 am and then fell asleep, and when he woke up at the Bay Parkway station at W. Seventh Street, he noticed that his goods were gone, according to the report.

Took the whole table

A sneak stole a cellphone and table from an Avenue P home on Aug. 12.

The crook stole the goods from the home at W. 10th Street just before 4 pm, police said. The victim was charging the phone on the table in the living room — which was in full view of the unlocked front door, according to the report — and when he returned, both were gone.

— Julianne McShane