Scammer uses dating app to swindle more than $20K from Brooklyn woman

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach


A fraudster scammed an E. 53rd Street woman out of $22,450 on May 15.

The perp first made contact with the victim, who lives between Avenue I and Avenue J, using an online dating app. After months of talking, the baddie convinced the woman to wire him the money to get his leave approved from the military, where he was stationed overseas. After she sent the funds, the scammer stopped responding to messages, cops said.

Jewel robbery

A purloiner stole jewelry from an E. 73rd Street home on May 29.

The thief entered the home — located between Avenue L and Avenue M — undetected between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., before making off with a gold chain, a watch, and a designer belt, according to police.

Vehicle villain

A brigand stole $2,549 from car that was parked on Utica Avenue on May 28.

The baddie entered the unlocked car, which was in a department store parking lot between Avenue I and Avenue J, at around noon, before stealing a laptop and several clothing items, cops said.

Cell phone scammer

A swindler scammed a Fillmore Avenue man out of $2,610 on April 23.

The victim, who lives between E. 54th and E. 55th streets, received a bill in the mail on May 31 for an outstanding balance from his phone company. The perp had used the victim’s personal information to purchase two cell phones, cops said.

Not so charitable

A thief stole a woman’s wallet on Avenue I on May 29.

The perp was standing near the intersection of E. 32nd Street, asking for charitable donations. When the victim took out her wallet to make a contribution, the perp grabbed the wallet, which contained $200, and ran off at approximately 10 a.m., cops said.

— Aidan Graham