Senior killed in car accident

Killed in crack-up

An 82-year-old woman was killed on April 1 during a harrowing motor vehicle accident on Flatbush Avenue.

Witnesses told police that a 1990 Ford was traveling south-bound on Flatbush Avenue when it struck a 1993 Jeep driven by an 84-year-old man making a left turn onto Avenue U.

Police said 82-year-old Queens resident Patricia Howard, who was a passenger in the Jeep, was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center where she died of her injuries. Another passenger inside the Jeep and the driver of the Ford were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Four on one

A criminal quartet jumped a 16-year-old on E. 40th Street on March 31, taking $120, his cellphone and some jewelry.

The victim was nearing Hubbard Place at 2:50 pm when the thieves stopped him, grabbed his sweatshirt, and rifled through his pockets.

In a lot of pain

A thug with a revolver raided an Avenue N pharmacy on April 1 — taking an assortment of painkillers.

Workers at the Mill Basin drug store said the thief entered at 2:20 pm, pulled his gun, and ordered employees to empty the cash register and fill a bag he was carrying with painkillers.

The thief then fled, not harming anyone.

Investigators believe the thief was the same man who raided another Avenue N pharmacy near E. 34th Street on March 17.

Grocery grab

Two goons pulled a gun on a 19-year-old walking along Avenue M on April 2, taking his two bags of groceries.

The thieves placed the muzzle of gun to the back of the victim’s head at 5:27 am and demanded his money, but ran off with the groceries after the victim dropped them.

iPod swipe

A heavy-handed crook swiped an iPod from a 13-year-old boy on April 2 during an altercation at the corner of Avenue K and E. 52nd Street.

The thief grabbed his victim at 6:26 pm and punched the teen in the head before making off with his music player.

Where is the love?

A 34-year-old woman was arrested on March 28 after she stabbed her common-law husband during a blow out inside their Brooklyn Avenue apartment.

The victim told police that he and his love were arguing at 11 am when the suspect grabbed a knife and jammed it into his stomach.

Chill out

Thieves broke into the Chill Zone on Avenue N on April 1, stealing $112.

The thieves entered the store after damaging the front door sometime after closing at 9 pm.

Moving day

A burglar broke into a Kimball Street home on April 3 — emptying the place out.

DVDs, photos, an assortment of clothes and some furniture were removed after 8 am. The door, the homeowner admits, may have been unlocked.

Stabbed and robbed

A knife-wielding thug attacked a 28-year-old on Flatbush Avenue on March 16, stabbing her repeatedly during the bloody mugging.

The victim was between Avenues K and L at 2 pm when the thug lunged, stabbed her in the arm, and then ran off with her electronics.

Masked men sought

A crew of mask-wearing thieves are being sought for at least two area robberies.

Police said the thugs barged into a Flatbush Avenue store near Avenue R at about 10 pm on March 18, pistol-whipped an employee, took $3,500, and fled.

The thieves then entered a Flatlands Avenue store near E. 54th Street at 11:05 pm, flashed their guns, and took more than $8,000.

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