Seniors to DOT: Fix the light!

The Department of Transportation has agreed to study the traffic-choked intersection of Tillary and Adams streets in Downtown Brooklyn.

Its action is the result of protests by local seniors who say that current light timing doesn’t give them enough time to cross the street.

“It’s very scary and very hard to cross,” said Helen Pearlstein, a member of Community Board 2 who lives in Concord Village, an apartment complex across the street from the troubled intersection.

According to Pearlstein, several Concord Village residents have been struck by cars in the intersection due to the fast signal changes and the speed of the cars zooming off of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Pearlstein met with DOT officials last month.

“I don’t know what the follow up will be, but at least they gave us the time to make our case,” she said.

Transportation Alternatives agrees with Pearlstein. The group has also rated the area as the most dangerous location for cyclists in Brooklyn, despite (or, perhaps, because of) the wide bike lane on Tillary.

The 12-week study will examine pedestrian and vehicle volume as well as whether signal timing should be changed, according to a Department of Transportation spokesman.

Pearlstein and others will be watching.

“We’re not letting go of this one,” she said. “The crossing there is very challenging for pedestrians.”