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Sex film

If you don’t attend a night of short films at a Williamsburg gallery next week, then you might be looking for love (and lust) in all the wrong places.

The Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective will screen shorts from 20 indie auteurs in a series that explores love in the heart and other organs (plus, sigh, the platonic and familial type, too).

The cast of characters includes “masochistic sadists, lusty bikers and … homeless Polish alcoholics in love,” according to the collective. What’s not to love?

And in at least one documentary — which was still seeking participants on Craigslist last week — real Brooklynites share their innermost feelings about their libidos.

The respondents, most of them between 25 and 35 years old, did not have much of a soft spot.

“There’s a disproportionate share of jaded views,” said Graham Meriwether whose Craigslist posting also requested that subjects pose in the nude for “professional” photos (a few agreed, believe it or not).

If their hardened cynicism gets you down, the event turns into a dance party after the screening.

“Love/Lust,” Dec. 4 at GlassLands Gallery [299 Kent Ave., between South First and South Second streets in Williamsburg, (646) 257-2590]. $7.

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