Shooting at the McDonald’s!

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

McDonald’s menace

An unhinged fast-food lover opened fire on a McDonald’s employee on June 25 during a brief exchange at the Hamilton Avenue eatery’s drive-thru window.

The feisty fry-guy rolled up to the window near Centre Street in a Chevy Trailblazer with Virginia plates at 1 am — and immediately got into an argument with the employee taking his order.

The thug punched the female worker, then pulled a .25 caliber pistol — firing off a round that hit a second employee in the buttocks.

Gunpoint cash

A gun-toting thug attacked a 27-year-old man on Smith Street on June 21 just moments after the victim left an ATM — but ran off without any cash.

The victim had just finished his banking between Warren and Baltic streets at 2 am when the thief approached, demanding the man’s money.

The 27-year-old ignored the stranger, but the thug pulled his gun and attacked, leaving the victim with deep cuts to the neck and ear that needed 28 stitches to close.

Lorraine loot

Two goons mugged a 21-year-old inside a Lorraine Street apartment building on June 13 — but the thieves who allegedly ran off with the stolen loot was arrested the next day.

The victim had just entered the lobby of the building near Hicks Street at 10:45 am when the suspects pulled a gun on him and told him to lie on the floor.

The thieves took an iTouch and a $1 bill, but were soon collared.

Clothing caper

A thief broke into a 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche on Baltic Street on June 24, taking thousands of dollars worth of Gucci designer clothes.

The natty dresser parked between Court and Smith streets at 10 pm. When he returned to the car at 9 am the next day, he learned that someone had busted his driver’s-side window and removed the pricey jeans and shirts.

Nimble teen

A 15-year-old thief managed to slip a Casio watch off a 13-year-old boy’s wrist while admiring the timepiece during a chance June 25 meeting at the corner of President and Smith streets.

The victim was approaching the corner at 10:10 pm when the young woman, who was with a group of other teens, commented on how nice his watch was.

She asked to look at it — then managed to unclasp it without her victim’s knowledge.

— Thomas Tracy