Shot outside Marlboro Houses

Shot downA gunman opened fire outside the Marlboro Houses on Nov. 27, striking two men with whom he was arguing.Road rage renegadeA thug opened fire on two complete strangers on Nov. 25 during a bizzare road rage incident on Shore Parkway.Bodega beat downTwo women were arrested on Nov. 25 after they attacked a young couple outside of a Brighton Beach bodega.Gravesend goonA thief was nabbed on Nov. 27 after he was caught breaking into cars near the corner of Shore Parkway and W. Sixth Street.Gnash and bashTwo men were arrested on Nov. 28 after they were caught fighting with each other on 19th Avenue.Mole menThieves tunneled their way into an Ocean Parkway home on Nov. 26, taking an assortment of jewelry.Cleaned outTwo flatscreen televisions and five pairs of Air Jordan sneakers were removed from an Avenue X apartment on Nov. 26.Fiery relationshipA jilted 22-year-old woman torched her ex-boyfriendMink menaceThieves broke into La Diva on Jerome Avenue on Nov. 20, taking three pricey mink coats.