Slice and dice in McCarren Park

Slice and dice

A trio of violent thugs stabbed a man repeatedly in McCarren Park on March 15.

The victim told cops that he was at the handball courts near Union Avenue and Bayard Street at around 3:45 pm when the trio approached him from behind.

Two men grabbed the victim and threw him to the ground. When the victim tried to get up, the third man stabbed him in the shoulder, forearm and back.

Double team

Two thugs were arrested after jumping a man on Richardson Street on March 15.

The victim told cops he was near Lorimer Street at around 2:40 pm when two men approached him, one shouting, “Give me your money!”

The thugs then punched the victim in the face, head and back before the police arrived.

Uneasy ride

A knife-wielding perp shoved a man from his bike and stole his iPhone on March 17 on Bedford Avenue.

The victim told cops that he was cycling near Ninth Street around 2:25 am when a man pushed him from his bike and flashed a knife.

The perp then stole the man’s iPhone and fled toward Driggs Avenue.

House headache

At least two homes were burglarized this week.

• A thief broke into a Franklin Street home on March 14, stealing jewelry and fancy electronics. The victim told cops that he and his wife left the house, located between Green and Huron streets, at 7 am, and when his wife returned at 5 pm, she found a camera, a cellphone, a Nintendo DS and all her jewelry gone.

• A perp ransacked a Richardson Street home on March 17. The victim told cops that he left the apartment, which is between Lorimer and Leonard streets, at 9:40 am, and returned at 7:30 pm to find the bedroom window broken, and a laptop, an iPod and a PlayStation system gone.

Wheel bad

A Honda was swiped from Russell Street between Driggs and Nassau avenues early last week.

The victim told cops that she parked the car on March 14, and returned two days later to find the new car gone.

— Laura Gottesdiener