Slope was robbery central this week

78th Precinct

Park Slope


Yet another recuperating patient has been robbed inside New York Methodist Hospital — the latest in an ongoing crime wave inside the Sixth Street medical center.

The victim told cops that he was sleeping inside the emergency room on the Seventh Avenue side of the campus at around 1:30 am on July 15, but later awoke to find that a thief had made off with his wallet, camera, phone and $50.

It’s the sixth time this year that a patient has been victimized inside the hospital.

Picture perfect

A thief used the oldest tricks in the book — flattery and distraction — to pick a woman’s purse inside a Fifth Avenue bar on July 12.

The victim told cops that she was inside Great Lakes Bar, at the corner of First Street, at around 12:30 am when a woman approached her and said, “You should be in the movies!”

The flatterer then had the 22-year-old victim pose for a photo — and then used the ensuing frisson of excitement to swipe the would-be starlet’s credit cards, Brooklyn College ID, iPhone, and, most important, Park Slope Food Coop membership card.

The victim later learned that charges had been made on her credit cards before she could cancel them.

Green crime

A thief stole a $10,000 solar power panel after slipping into a New York City Transit construction site on 10th Street last week.

Workers at the site, which is between Second and Third avenues, told cops that they left at around 7:45 am on July 12 and returned two days later to find that someone had busted the lock and swiped the energy-generation device coveted by environmentalists.

All workers on the site have the key to the lock — but the construction manager told cops that he is “certain” that the theft was an “inside job” and that the lock was broken simply to cover the rogue worker’s tracks.

Transit takes

At least two subway riders were robbed last week. Here are the details:

• A teenage thief swiped an iPhone from a woman on the Union Street platform on July 13. The victim told cops she was waiting on the southbound platform at around 11:30 pm when the thief snatched the phone right out of her hand and fled up the stairs.

• A Queens-bound F train rider had his cellphone snatched from his hand on July 16. The victim told cops that the thief made his move at around 3:15 pm between the Seventh Avenue and Fourth Avenue stations, swiping the phone and jumping off the train when it pulled into the station.

Rob roy

There were five robberies reported last week, an unusually high number for Park Slope. Here are the dastardly details:

• A pair of thieves mugged a man on Fourth Avenue on July 12, sneaking up from behind and covering his eyes to steal his cash and cellphone. The victim told cops that he was near Ninth Street at around 2:30 am when the thugs attacked, getting his Blackberry and $120.

• A thief swiped a wallet out of a Dutch woman’s camera bag near the Ninth Street station on July 12. The victim told cops that she was near Fifth Avenue at around 7:45 pm when a woman bumped into her, creating just enough distraction to steal the billfold. The thief got away with $220, a monthly Metrocard, credit cards and, perhaps something even more valuable: lots of Dutch citizenship paperwork.

• Two thieves swiped a man’s iPhone after asking him to let them call a cab on it on July 12. The man told cops he was between Seventh and Eighth avenues at around 11:25 pm when two men approached and one asked if he could call a cab on the man’s phone. When the victim refused, the men pounced, stealing the phone and cash.

• Another pair of thugs swiped an iPhone from a woman on Eighth Avenue on July 14. The victim told cops that she was near 14th Street at 3:30 pm when the two thieves approached and took the phone.

• A thief punched a man and stole his phone on Baltic Street on July 16. The victim told cops that he was between Third and Fourth avenues at around 9:40 pm when the thief approached, demanded the phone, and punctuated that demand with a fist.

Big chips

A popular Fifth Avenue fish and chip restaurant had its safe — and the $7,000 inside it — stolen in a break-in on July 15.

Workers at the Chip Shop, which is at Sixth Street, told cops that they arrived for work at 7:40 am to find the rear door busted open and the safe missing.

Burg report

There were at least four other break-ins last week. Here are the details:

• A thief stole two laptops and a fancy watch from an Eighth Avenue apartment on July 12. The tenant said that she was not home between 8 am and 10:30 pm when she returned to the unit near Fifth Street to discover that her air conditioner had been pushed in and her computers and $350 Michael Korrs watch were gone

• A pair of thieves pushed in an air conditioner at a President Street apartment on July 12 — but left without taking anything. The tenant said she returned to her unit, which is between Seventh and Eighth avenues, at around 2:30 pm to find two men on her fire escape and her A/C unit ajar. But closer inspection revealed that nothing was missing.

• Thieves hauled away a treasure trove of electronics and jewelry from a Sixth Avenue apartment on July 14. The victim told cops that her babysitter returned to the apartment, which is between First and Second streets, at around 4:15 to discover the place ransacked. Closer inspection revealed that two TVs, a laptop, a camera and $2,600 in jewels were gone.

• Cops nabbed a thief who allegedly broke into a Union Street apartment on July 15. The victim told cops that she was not in the unit, which is between Fifth and Sixth avenues, for just 20 minutes in the afternoon when a burglar broke in and took her jewelry. Cops said they caught their man later that day.

— Gersh Kuntzman