Spooky! Cops and kids ring in Halloween together

The police transformed IS 211 into a holding pen for Halloween ghouls, goblins, ghosts, witches and warlocks, but it wasn’t for the neighborhood’s protection.

It was to party!

Over 400 parents and colorfully costumed children came to last Friday’s two-hour fun-fest, held at the school on E. 100th Street at Avenue J.

The yearly Halloween party is usually held in PS 272 on Seaview Avenue, but the move to IS 211 as a refreshing change, organizers said.

“We wanted to move the party around a little and get to the parts of the neighborhood we usually don’t get to,” Council President John Salagub explained. “Everyone had a great time. It was all about being out of the house for two hours and having fun.”

Kids reveled in all the fun and games sponsored by the 69th Precinct and its Community Council, as well as all the popcorn and candy they could stomach, said Salagub.

— Tom Tracy

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