St. Francis College admins welcome incoming students

St. Francis College staff surprised scholarship awardees on April 1 with home visits.
St. Francis College

St. Francis College Scholars were in for a surprise on April Fool’s Day — but it was no joke!

School faculty dropped by the houses of Full Time Presidential Scholars and Robert J. McGuire Scholars throughout New York City on April 1, offering a warm welcome to incoming students who have had a particularly unconventional last year of schooling.

Robert Oliva, assistant vice president for enrollment management at St. Francis College, said the St. Francis College Scholars expressed excitement, shock and joy over the visits.

“At St. Francis College, we pride ourselves on a personalized approach to everything that we do,” said Oliva. “This past Thursday, we were able to visit our Presidential Scholars who received full tuition scholarships, and members of the Robert J. McGuire Scholarship Program to share the good news with them and their families.”

St. Francis College

The visits were not only the “highlight of the recruitment season thus far,” said Oliva, but they were also a bright spot for prospective students and their loved ones who may not have put other celebrations on pause amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We were able to bring smiles, laughs and tears of joy to members of the Class of 2024 and their families who maybe haven’t had much else to celebrate due to the pandemic,” Oliva said. “We were able to connect with them in a very special way and bring a little bit of St. Francis College to them.”

St. Francis College

Last year, St. Francis College awarded more than $22 million in institutionally funded scholarships and grants to students who demonstrated strong academic performance, according to the school’s website.