Standing O is back and cheering Brooklyn on!

Standing O is back and cheering Brooklyn on!
Photo by Arthur De Gaeta


He’s a gem!

Three cheers to Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce president Carlo Scissura for being cheered at the Italian American Heritage Celebrazione at Borough Hall last month. Of course, we all know Carlo has dedicated many hours serving the community. From his humble beginnings as a community activist, to his sting as member of the community school board in Bay Ridge, to his serving on the board of the Federation of Italian-American Organizations, to his organization of the borough’s Columbus Day Parade as well as Master of Ceremonies of the Italian event at Borough Hall for eight years — oh, we could go on and on. And we will! Carlo has gone above and beyond in his devotion to our beloved borough. Standing O is happy that Carlo has Brooklyn’s back.

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Boosting from around the borough

Passing along a pay-it-forward to Arthur Phillips from D. Walters. Our pal Arthur returned a lost credit card to said Walters. That’s right, folks, goodness is not dead. It’s alive and well right here in the best place on earth — Brooklyn U.S.A. Look, a little Standing O goes a long, long way.

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Shadow Box Theater needs you! During the summer the basement at PS 3 flooded. Unfortunately, Lumpy Bumpkin and many of the other puppets were damaged. Alas, the flood was not in the planned budget and the cost of replacing many of the puppets and scenery is proving a bit too much for the good folks at Shadow Box Theater. Standing O is sending out the word. Please help. Even $1 will go a long way. If you can’t donate you can always come on down and see a show or buy a DVD. Every little bit helps.

www.shadowboxtheatre.org; or (212) 724-0677).



It’s the first ever, the Chernomorets Soccer Club became a winner of the New York Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League Championship in the under-16-year-old group. More than 250 aspiring Beckhams and Hamms kicked, bent, and guarded their way to fame through hard work and practice.

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Want to find out where the banks went wrong? Read Anne Zissu’s new book, “The Securitization Market’s Handbook: Structures and Dynamics of Mortgage — and Asset-Backed Securities.” The good professor together with fellow author Charles Stone pinpoints the crux of the banking crisis and the devastating effects on our economy. Professor Zissu teaches at New York City Tech.

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Yippee! Borough daughter, Naimah Roann Bennett was a recipient of the 2012–2013 “Black Retail Action Group (BRAG)” scholarship. Our pal Naimah is a senior majoring in Fashion Merchandising at LIM College in that other borough.

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