Street stupid: Drivers-ed vehicle goes off-road in Prospect Heights

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Courtesy of Steve Flack

That’s not on the test!

Some numbskull behind the wheel of a drivers-ed training vehicle circumvented a Prospect Heights traffic jam by maneuvering nearly half a block down a narrow sidewalk Thursday morning, according to a dumbfounded onlooker. 

“It didn’t want to wait for the traffic jam, so it just slowly made its way down the sidewalk without a care in the world,” said Steve Flack, a Prospect Heights resident who witnessed the outlandish detour.

The teaching sedan — which ironically sported the moniker “Drive Rite” emblazoned on its sides — was stuck behind a row of vehicles hemmed in by a double-parked car on Sterling Place between Underhill and Washington avenues at around 10 am, when the driver jumped the curb and brazenly rolled down the sidewalk, before merging with traffic about halfway down the block, according to Flack. 

“I was awestruck,” Flack said. 

According to its website, the Drive Rite Academy offers an “innovative approach to driving,” which instructs students in “a wide range of knowledge and skills,” although it’s unclear whether illicit detours are included in the curriculum. 

And since witnessing the “Drive Rite Academy” school of driving first hand, Flack feels he has a better understanding of all these crazy New York drivers. 

“It goes to show that there’s no liability for any car that breaks the rules,” he said. 

A woman who picked up the phone at Drive Rite said she was not authorized to comment, but that she would pass Brooklyn Paper’s request for comment to her manager.