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Student mugged

Student strangled

An NYU student was choked and robbed after coming out of the Morgan Street L-train station on Dec. 6.

The young scholar was on McKibbin Street near Bogart Street at 8 pm when her aggressor approached from behind, wrapped both arms around her neck and choked her until she dropped to the ground, unconscious.

When she came to, her purse — which contained $20 — was gone.

Child’s prey

Cops caught two very naughty boys who attempted to rob a 55-year-old woman on Manhattan Avenue on Dec. 6.

The woman told police that she was near McKibbin Street at 9:50 am when two little thugs approached.

One of them grabbed her purse, but a nearby witness grabbed him, and held him until police were on the scene. The 11-year-old criminal quickly gave up his 14-year old accomplice.

Antisocial climber

A thief scaled the side of a Hope Street building to steal a computer on Dec. 2.

The victim left his apartment, which is near Keap Street, at 8:30 am and returned after a hard day at the office to find that the creeper had entered through the balcony door, which was unlocked, and left with an Apple MacBook.


A mugger lightened the load for a couple horsing around in front of a S. Third Street apartment building on Dec. 1.

The victim told cops that she was trying to carry her boyfriend into his home, located near Berry Street, at 1:30 am when a man approached.

“Can I help?” he asked. But the thug — whose breath was boozy — had other things in mind. He punched the young woman in the eye, then stole her wallet and Blackberry.

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