Sunset sippin’ looks like a go at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Part of ‘Park’ will open next year; But other parts are postponed
Michael Van Valkenburg Associates

Public boozehounds rejoice — Brooklyn Bridge Park will have an outdoor wine bar and plaza if everything goes according to plan, development officials revealed on Monday night.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation, which will oversee the “park” until the new agreement for the city’s takeover of the waterfront development is completely hashed out, has already sought proposals for Pier 1’s concessions, and plans to do the same for Pier 6 in the coming weeks.

City and park officials told Community Board 2’s Parks and Recreation Committee that they’ll seek two stands and a restaurant at Pier 6 at the end of Atlantic Avenue, and four concessions at Pier 1 at the foot of Old Fulton Street — including an elevated wine bar for skyline-side sippin’.

“We’re looking for concessions that cater to everyone — and one of the biggest questions we got during the design phase was, ‘Where can I drink publicly in your park?’” said David Lowin, a vice president with the corporation. “Of course, it would be cordoned off so that drinking only takes place in one spot.”

That spot is a plaza is an area at the foot of Old Fulton Street that is bordered by trees, the waterfront and Brooklyn Bridge. If the proposals go through as expected, the plaza will have two basic concession stands — possibly offering hot dogs and snacks — and a space at the gatehouse for more food.

Pier 6 — which, like Pier 1, is scheduled to open this spring — would sport two more cart-like concession stands and a restaurant that holds about 60 diners in a building with rooftop access, officials said.

“But it’s not going to be another River Café,” Lowin said. “That’s not the price range we’re looking for.”

The concessions would open by July, and the responses are due April 1. That’s assuming that all goes well with the city’s takeover of the $350-million venture, a long-delayed 1.7-mile strip of green from John Street in DUMBO to Atlantic Avenue in Cobble Hill.