‘Super-Sully’ and the trouble with ‘Rahmbo’

The curtain is about to descend on 2009. Before that fat lady sings I’d like to make several observations.

In this year of the ox the question most asked by Americans is %u2026drum roll please %u2026 What comes after a trillion?

The smartest elected official of 2009 is Nancy Pelosi. Ask her a question that she cannot answer and she cleverly avoids a proper response by answering something else (Gee. I did that in college.) Or she responds by asking “Are you serious? Are you serious?”

Yes Nancy. The reporter was dead serious. If he wasn’t he would not have asked the question that you obviously were not able to answer.

Dumbest question of the year was asked on TV by Chris, thrill going up my leg, Matthews.Motormouth wanted to know…. “Is it a crime to call Al Qaeda?” It probably is if you’re a major in the US Army.

There’s something about politics that expands our vocabulary. Here are some old words and phrases that were used and overused this past year. Are you familiar with the current definitions?

Voter’s remorse %u2013 Redemption %u2013 Reconciliation %u2013 Closure %u2013 Blue dogs %u2013 Thrown under the bus %u2013 Multitasking %u2013 Government option %u2013 Rendition %u2013Twitter – Violent extremists.

Other than our men and women in the military who would you choose to be the hero of 2009.Chesley Sullenberger, known to all as Sully, saved 155 lives when he landed US Airways Flight #1549 in the Hudson River.

The biggest disappointment of the year is Obama’s Chief Of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. Most of us thought that he would be a great friend to Israel. Instead Rahmbo turned out to be a Kapo.

The boo-boo of the year was awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to a man who did nothing to earn it. 64% of America believes that he does not deserve it. Only 23% disagree. Now that my president has committed 30,000 troops to a far away war I wonder if the Nobel committee has any regrets.

The award for the hardest job of the year, this year, goes to press secretary Robert Gibbs. Have you any idea how difficult it is to stand there, face the press corps and lie with a straight race?

Antoinette Nicole Davis is the lowlife of the year. She’s the woman who sold her five year old daughter into prostitution. Lower than her is the pedophile who used the child’s body and then murdered her. I want to hear from you bleeding hearts who don’t believe in the death penalty.

We must give some recognition to Octomom but I’m not sure what. Maybe for doing her best to populate the planet.

The best quote of these past 12 months came from former football super-star, Jimmy Cefalo, who said, “I never met a professional ballplayer who didn’t start out as a Democrat and switch to the Republican party as soon as he saw his first paycheck. ‘They took HOW MUCH out?’”

I am StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net offering you my award for the best people of the year %u2013 this year and every year. Let’s all stand up and salute our brave men and women in uniform all over the planet. May God Bless Them and Keep Them Safe. Happy New Year to all.