Teenager beats up a woman for her purse

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Teen thug

A teenage jerk beat up a woman on Lincoln Place on June 30.

The 34-year-old victim told cops she was chatting on her cellphone near Fifth Avenue at 9:30 pm, when a thug punched several times in the side of her head. He then snatched a purse from her left hand and ran towards Sixth Avenue.

Cops arrested a 15-year-old suspect the same night.

Unlucky cabbie

A jerk snatched the license plate from a cab parked on Fourth Avenue on July 1.

The 59-year-old driver told cops that he parked his yellow cab near Fifth Street at 3:30 am, then came back about three hours later. When he returned he saw that his New York license plates and taxi meter had been swiped.

Subway chase

A crook snatched a fancy cellphone from a straphanger on Seventh Avenue on June 27.

The 25-year-old victim told cops he was leaving a subway station near Ninth Street at 5:10 am, when two men ran up to him from behind. One of the thugs reached over the victim’s right shoulder and grabbed his iPhone before they both ran away. The straphanger chased after the crooks for a few blocks — but they disappeared into the subway station.

Bad taste

A brazen thief snatched some money from a tasty restaurant on Ninth Street.

A 33-year-old owner of Ha Noi Vietnamese Kitchen, which is near Fifth Avenue, told cops that workers locked the restaurant at around 11:30 pm, then returned at 10:30 am the next day. That’s when they discovered the lock on the door had been busted, the cash resister was smashed — and $150 was missing.

Toyota taken

A crafty thief stole a car parked on Grand Army Plaza on June 27.

The 64-year-old driver told cops he parked and locked a gray 1998 Toyota Camry near Flatbush Avenue at 9 am, went to the park, then came back at 11 pm. That’s when he discovered his ride was gone — with no broken glass in sight.

Wallet gone

A jerk snatched a wallet from a car parked on Second Avenue on June 30.

The 29-year-old driver told cops he parked his gray 2007 Lincoln near 10th Street at 1 am, then returned around 12:30 pm the next day. That’s when he discovered his passenger-side window had been smashed — and his wallet and $250 global positioning device were gone.

Disappearing Ford

A crook stole a car parked on 12th Street on June 27.

The 36-year-old victim told cops he parked his red 2001 Ford sedan near Fifth Avenue at 10 pm, went to work, and then home — leaving the car where he had parked it. He came back three days later and discovered his ride was gone — with no broken glass in sight.

Mirror score

A crook snatched some fancy mirrors from a car parked on Ninth Street on June 25.

The diver told cops she parked her maroon 2003 Mercedes Benz near Prospect Park West at 5:30 pm, came back a few days later, and discovered her mirrors — which are worth $2,000 — were gone.

Bike bandit

A scoundrel swiped a sweet bike on 11th Street on June 30.

The 27-year-old cyclist told cops he chained a $1,100 black Bowery bicycle to a gate near Seventh Avenue at 11:30 pm, then went home. He came back at 9 am the next day and it was gone.

Botched robbery

A wannabe crook busted a lock on St. Johns Place on June 30.

The 26-year-old victim told cops someone tried to pry the lock off of the front door of her apartment sometime between 7 am and 11 pm — but the creep failed, taking nothing.

—Natalie O’Neill