Teens mug a kid for his phone

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Phone grab

Three teenage thieves conned a 12-year-old into giving them his cellphone during a Sept. 4 confrontation inside Carroll Park.

The thieves approached the pre-teen in the park at 6:25 pm, pretending to be “friends of friends.” They then asked him if they could use his phone — walking off with the communication device when he complied.


Two goons using their T-shirts as masks jumped a 24-year-old woman on Luquer Street on Aug. 31, swiping her Michael Kors purse.

The woman was entering her home between Hicks and Columbia streets at 11 pm when the thugs grabbed her and wrestled her purse — which contained her credit cards, $100 and iPhone — away from her.


A shoplifter raided the Smith Street Rite Aid on Sept. 3, stealing a glucose monitor.

Workers at the store between Union and President streets said the thief entered the store at 8:05 am and proceeded to vault over the counter.

The thief grabbed a handful of items, but ended up dropping most of them when Rite Aid employees chased him away.

Left flat

A thief swiped the rims and tires off a 2011 Honda parked on Baltic Street last week.

The owner left the vehicle between Nevins and Bond streets at 3 am on Aug. 30. When she returned to the car at 8 am on Sept. 2, it was sitting on cinderblocks.

— Thomas Tracy