The ‘bride of Fourth Street’: Sleeping beauty has block abuzz

The ‘bride of Fourth Street’: Sleeping beauty has block abuzz
Nathaniel Harpaz

UPDATE: Mystery solved!

Fourth Street was abuzz on Sunday when neighbors awoke to find a woman — in full wedding attire — apparently asleep on a ledge above the door of a Park Slope brownstone.

Police quickly arrived, but no one knew what to make of the mysterious woman or even how she could have gotten up on the ledge without assistance. (See photos, right.)

“They asked me if I knew or recognized her or had any idea why she was there,” said Tom Santisi. “I didn’t know what was going on.”

Cops carried the woman down from the ledge, and questioned her in Spanish and English. But witnesses said she gave no response.

“Maybe she’s a fallen angel,” one cop said.

The woman had a teddy bear-shaped bag with her that contained a wedding ring inside a Tiffany box, a witness told The Brooklyn Paper. When the cops took it away from her briefly, she squealed, a witness said, and the officer gave it back.

“That was the only time she responded at all,” said Magda Grant, who lives across the street. “She was a beautiful girl.”

After EMS workers took her away, neighborhood remained stunned.

“It’s very strange,” said a neighbor. “Was she put there or did she climb up herself? This has been the talk of the block since.”

Another neighbor added, “We all kept thinking, ‘This has got to be some NYU film student prank or something! Where’s Ashton Kutcher to tell us we’re being punk’d?’ But once the cops cuffed her, it didn’t seem like a joke anymore.”

Residents of the brownstone, which is between Eighth Avenue and Prospect Park West, were not home at the time of the incident and haven’t returned yet, neighbors said.

Nathaniel Harpaz