The iPhone bike thief — still on the loose!

Slippery fingers

A clumsy thief swiped a shiny new iPhone from a woman on Eighth Avenue on Jan. 12.

The 41-year-old victim told cops she was strolling between Eighth Avenue and Third Street at 2:25 pm, when a creep on a bicycle grabbed her cellphone and dropped it. She tried to pick it up, but he grabbed it off on the sidewalk, shouting, “I have a gun!” before pedaling away.

Police are looking for 25-year-old, 170-pound man — the same man, in fact, who police believe is responsible for a wave of bike-bourne iPhone swipes over the past two years.

Bling bandit

A crook snatched fancy jewelry and documents from a Seventh Street home on Jan. 16.

The 34-year-old victim told cops that he and his wife left their apartment at 12:30 pm and returned at 6 pm to find their home Forth Avenue ransacked. About $11,500 worth of watches, bracelets and rings — along with a passport and a birth certificate — had been stollen.

Grocery grab

A quick-moving thief stole a car parked in a 12th Street supermarket parking lot on Jan. 16.

The victim told cops he left his black Dodge Caravan in front of Pathmark near Hamilton Place just after 11 am and returned six minutes later to find his car missing with no sign of broken glass.

Inside the car were basketballs, clothes and a $1,000 sound system.

Purse grab

A thief stole a purse full of credit cards and jewelry at a Seventh Avenue restaurant on Jan. 15.

The 63-year-old victim told cops that she set her purse behind a chair at 6:20 pm at Sotto Voce restaurant, which is at Fourth Street.

Ten minutes later, she reached for the bag and found it was gone — and with it, a $700 bracelet, cash and credit cards.

Tech goldmine

A jerk snatched electronic goodies from a car on First Street on Jan. 10.

The victim told cops that she was unloading her green Volvo near Fourth Avenue at around 6:30 pm, and left it unlocked, which is never a good thing to do. When she returned 20 minutes later, she discovered that her navigation system, iPod and Nintendo game system had been swiped.

— Natalie O’Neill