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The Olympics come to Brooklyn — starring kids!

Victory chart: Aleksa Sidorenko, 9, crafted this handsome chart to keep track of her medals during the Aviator Olympic Sports Festival on Sunday.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

Floyd Bennett Field was home to the Brooklyn sporting event of the year — the kids’ Olympics!

Kids from across the borough flocked to the Aviator Sports Center in Mill Basin on Sunday, taking up bows and javelines — and running through more than one sprinkler — for this summer’s Aviator Olympic Sports Festival.

“There was soccer, basketball, archery, gymanstics, and javelin throwing,” said Avigail Shmulewitz, who brough her three children. “The kids had a great time.”

The Aviator Sports Center field day emulated the events of the Summer Olympics in large part, but also added some kid-friendly activities, including crafts and foam-covered sprinklers to cool off.

But parents said this event is even better than the real thing, and for one simple reason — everybody wins!

“What I liked most: there were no winners or losers, everyone got something for participating, and they were all happy,” said Dina Kay, who brought her daughter, Gabriella, to the event. “Everybody had a very good time.”

After the event, kids showed a new interest in the upcoming, official Summer Olympics, parents said.

“Yeah, they’ve been asking about it,” said Shmulewitz.

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