The quick, sad demise of Harry Boland’s Pub

The quick, sad demise of Harry Boland’s Pub
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

Relax, everyone — Harry Boland’s bar is not a ticking toxic timebomb.

Neighbors of the shuttered Ninth Street bar were alarmed the other day when a green “Danger” flier was slapped on the windows of the defunct Park Slope watering hole, shut down by the Health Department in May.

One of the signs warned, “This building contains … hazardous gas cylinders belonging to All-County Dispensers.”

It turns out that sign was put up by Tony Durana, a co-owner of the company, who said he only wanted to get his soda dispensing system back from pub owner Brian Flanagan.

He had his own theory for why Boland’s mysteriously closed in May.

“Brian was not getting good business, and all of a sudden he left the pub,” said an exasperated Durana. “And now I cannot get in touch with him to get it back.”

It’s the latest bad news for a bar that has gone from great to bad to worse in almost no time.

In February, state tax officials shut down the pub over unpaid bills. It soon reopened.

But in May, the Department of Health closed it down again after finding evidence of mice, flies and general filth.

Flanagan adored the pub, but couldn’t keep the place running because of a drinking problem, said a former employee, Chewy Hernandez.

Hernandez added that around the time the pub was shut down, Flanagan’s brother, Pat, flew in from Ireland to take care of his sibling, and then took him back with him.

Flanagan’s meltdown was contrary to his friendly and outgoing manner, said a patron, who refused to give his name.

“Each time I was there, Mr. Flanagan would greet me with a smile,” he said. “He was just a very nice guy who made every customer feel welcome.”

Signs on the shuttered Harry Boland’s Pub on Ninth Street make the situation look worse than it is.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini