These thugs targeted gas guzzlers in PPW vandalism

These thugs targeted gas guzzlers in PPW vandalism
Community Newspaper Group / Joe Anuta

Someone hates gas guzzlers in Park Slope.

Vandals smashed the rear windows of at least eight large vehicles along Prospect Park West early Wednesday morning — and residents are alarmed.

“We’ve never seen vandalism like this,” said Michelle Gonzalez, whose van was a victim of the serial smashers. “This is an escalated level of crime.”

Other victims discovered the broken glass as they were rushing to work.

“Now I have to pay for this,” said Mitch Delhoyo, who stared through a gaping hole in the back of his sport utility vehicle. “This is not common in this neighborhood.”

The smashers’ trail of destruction ran from First to 12th streets, according to cops. The thugs were apparently more interested in thrills, since nothing was reported stolen.

Curiously, only minivans and sport utility vehicles appeared to be targets — which led many Park Slopers to speculate on a more complicated modus operandi.

“They’re targeting a particular section of society,” said resident Jana Bruns.

Another resident couldn’t believe her eyes.

“This makes me a little nervous,” said Cindy Ferrara. “It’s like political statement.”

The smash-fest left residents worried, but police say that a similar incident is unlikely to happen again soon.

“It seems like it was a random act,” an NYPD spokesman said. “The people just started at one end and kept breaking windows while walking down the street.”