They stole his dog — then tried to sell it to him!

Dog gone shame

Two curs were arrested on Oct. 7 after they swiped a dog from the corner of Carlton and Myrtle avenues, then tried to sell the pooch back to its owner for $200.

The victim said his best friend was in a fenced-in lot near the intersection at noon when the thieves absconded with the animal. A short time later they called the victim, offering a cash trade.

But by then cops were already onto their scent, arresting the thieves a few blocks away with the stolen canine.

Gunned down

A gunman shot a 33-year-old at the corner of Classon and Lafayette avenues on Oct. 12, leaving his victim bleeding to death at the busy Fort Greene intersection and paralyzing Tuesday’s morning commute.

The victim was nearing the corner at 8:30 am when the assassin opened fire, hitting him in the chest and leg.

The victim, identified as Classon Avenue resident Terrell Canty, was rushed to Brooklyn Hospital, where he died of his injuries.

Traffic along Lafayette Avenue was blocked for more than an hour as the shooting was investigated, police said.

Wake up call

A hooligan brutalized a 27-year-old Connecticut woman on Oct. 6 when he threw a brick into a car on Greene Avenue — apparently not knowing that the passenger was asleep inside.

The woman was startled awake at 4:15 am when the brick smashed through the window to her 2010 Toyota Carolla as it sat between Clermont and Vanderbilt avenues.

Not missing a beat, the thief reached in and grabbed the woman’s purse before his victim realized what had happened, cops were told.

Lafayette larceny

A gun-toting thief held up a 25-year-old woman on Lafayette Avenue on Oct. 7.

The crook grabbed the woman between Washington and Classon avenues at 4:40 pm, threatening to shoot her if she didn’t fork over her handbag and iPhone.

Double trouble

Two goons mugged a 25-year-old at gunpoint near Emerson Place and Myrtle Avenue on Oct. 7.

The victim was nearing the corner just before 3 pm when the thieves stopped him and drew their weapon.

They then released the man, but not before making off with the victim’s iPod and camera, cops were told.

LIRR looting

A 15-year-old pulled a gun on teenage Long Island Railroad commuter on Oct. 6, taking his cellphone during a confrontation at the Atlantic Avenue station.

The victim, 16, had entered the station at 5 pm when he was stopped by the thief, who police later arrested without incident.

Headlock hood

A thug put a woman in a choke hold on Oct. 9 during a confrontation at the corner of Gates and Classon avenues.

The victim said the thief had followed her for about a block before pouncing at 2:40 am. After putting her in a headlock, the villain punched his victim until she gave up her handbag, cops were told.

How convenient

Crooks broke into the Fulton Deli and Convenience store on Oct. 3, taking thousands of dollars in cash and cigarettes.

Workers at the Fulton Street store between St. Felix Street and Fort Greene Place said they closed for the night at 11:39 pm.

Someone forced open the roll down security gate and raided the store — taking over $18,000 in goods — before it opened at 6 am the next day, police said.

Locker looting

For the second week in a row, someone raided a locker in the Long Island University gym at University Plaza, taking a student’s property.

The victim said he left his wallet in the locker at 10:30 am on Oct. 8 right before his workout. When he returned about an hour later, his wallet was missing, even though the combination lock securing the door was still intact.

A similar incident happened on Sept. 28, but in that case the victim had put his faith in a locker without a door, police said.

Beaten for iPod

Three teenage thugs jumped a peer on Fulton and Cumberland streets on Oct. 5, sending their 16-year-old victim to the hospital after a failed attempt to get his iPod.

The thieves jumped their victim at 6:10 pm and threw him to the ground, demanding he fork over his music player.

When the teen refused, the hooligans attacked, leaving him with minor injuries. The teens were later arrested, cops said.

Car crack

A thug smashed his way into a car parked on South Oxford Street on Oct. 6 and ran off with a computer.

The victim parked his 2006 Honda between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues at 1 pm. Within five minutes, witnesses saw someone break a driver’s-side window, scoop up the laptop and escape in an awaiting Nissan.

Bumps and grabs

There were a lot of sticky-fingered thieves walking the streets and riding the rails this week. Here’s the rundown:

• A thief lifted a wallet off a 59-year-old man after bumping into him as a 3 train entered the Nevins Street station on Oct. 5. The victim said he was disembarking the train at 7:15 pm when the ne’er-do-well collided into him, deftly removing the wallet as he feigned an apology.

• A quick-moving criminal snatched an iPhone from a 20-year-old woman’s hands on Oct. 6 during a lightning fast confrontation at the corner of Atlantic and Sixth avenues. The victim was nearing the corner at 1:15 pm when the thief jumped her from behind and ran off with the smart phone.

• Another thieving iPhone-phile snagged one of the pricey communication devices on Oct. 10 — this time out of a 24-year-old woman’s hand as she waited to exit a 4 train entering the Nevins Street station.

The woman said the thief was standing next to her as the train pulled into the station at 12:12 am, then grabbed the phone and ran off as soon as the doors rumbled open.