Thief breaks his crime cherry

94th Precinct


His first time

A thief was arrested for stealing a woman’s iPhone on Graham Avenue on Dec. 16.

The victim was using her fancy Jobsian device near Withers Street at around 5:20 pm, when the crook came up, snatched it from her hand, and fled.

Cops canvased the area, and found a suspect, who allegedly told them, “This is the first time I’ve done this.”


Three thugs were arrested for shoving and throwing rocks at a man on Berry Street on Dec. 12.

The victim was nearing N. 14th Street at 5:30 pm, when the three punks blocked the man’s path and began pushing him.

“Yo, give me your cellphone,” one of the perps shouted, but the victim fled.

That’s when the thugs started tossing rocks at him. The good news? An officer saw the whole thing, and arrested three suspects.

Guns and minivans

A gun-wielding thief robbed a man on Freeman Street on Dec. 15.

The victim was between Franklin Street and Manhattan Avenue at 2 am, when the crook approached, drew a pistol and demanded cash. The victim forked up his wallet, which contained credit cards, and the thug fled in a minivan, cops said.


A knife-wielding thief slashed a woman’s hand before stealing her purse inside a building on N. Seventh Street on Dec. 16.

The woman told police that she was in the lobby of the building between Kent and Wythe avenues at around 5:19 pm, when she politely opened the door for the crook. The thug then grabbed the victim’s

purse and a struggle ensued, ending after the punk slashed the victim’s hand with a steak knife.

The thief then made off with the purse, which contained an iPhone, a camera, cash, sunglasses and a debit card.

Pied piper

Two thugs robbed a man on N. 11th Street on Dec. 17, getting away with his iPhone and cash.

The victim was outside near Roebling Street at 7:45 pm, when two thugs approached and took the smartphone from his hand.

“Don’t follow us,” one said. “Wait 10 seconds.”

Beat down

A crook stole a man’s iPhone and wallet on a Driggs Avenue bench on Dec. 17.

The victim was sitting near Monitor Street at 12:15 am, when the thug sat next to him and told the victim he needed money.

That was enough of a threat, apparently, to compel the victim to hand over his wallet.

Emboldened, the thief then grabbed the man’s cellphone and punched him in the stomach before fleeing.

Make this easy

A knife-wielding crook robbed a woman outside her N. Ninth Street apartment on Dec. 18.

The woman was trying to enter her building between Driggs Avenue and Roebling Street at around 11:13 am, when the perp approached her, displayed a knife and said, “You’ve got kids, let’s make this easy.”

It was, in fact, easy, as the woman handed over her wallet, which contained credit cards and cash, before the thug fled.

Cold crime

A thief mugged a man on Manhattan Avenue for cash and a jacket on chilly Dec. 18.

The victim was near Greenpoint Avenue at around 3 am, when the crook approached and demanded money.

The victim handed over some cash, but it wasn’t enough. The goon began to punch him in the face, and then took his jacket, before fleeing.

— Colin Mixson