Thief robs cabbie, jumps out of car

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Swindled cabbie

A man snatched the purse and iPhone of a female cab driver giving him a lift from Manhattan on Sept. 8 — before jumping out of the car on Bay Ridge Avenue.

The victim said she picked the man up in Manhattan and was driving him home at 2:20 am when he asked to use her phone to call for someone who would pay for his ride. The cabbie agreed — but when she handed him the device, he also grabbed her purse and jumped out between 15th and 16th avenues, then fled on foot.

Quadruple bypass

Four thugs robbed a Bensonhurst man of a gold chain and $100 on New Utrecht Avenue on Sept. 8.

The victim told police he was between 76th and 77th streets at 12:55 am when one of the punks asked for money — distracting him so a second jerk could run up and rip a $100 gold chain off of the victim’s neck, then flee down 76th Street. The first perp then forcibly took $100 from the victim while two others stood look out.


A crook battered a Bensonhurst man for his iPhone on 18th Avenue on Sept. 9.

The victim said he was playing on his phone near 83rd Street at 12:10 am when the jerk came up and punched him repeatedly in the face, causing the man to drop the device. The perp then scooped up the gadget and fled toward 84th Street.

Running on empty

A gang of gun-toting brutes robbed a man filling his car up at a gas station on 86th Street early in the morning of Sept. 10.

The victim said he was pumping gas at the BP between Stillwell Avenue and W. 13th Street at 3:30 am when the four crooks came up to him — one carrying a silver firearm.

“Give us everything you have,” the thug demanded.

The man handed over $20 — not enough, apparently, because the crew then walked him over to the ATM and made him withdraw $450. The fiends then jumped into the man’s car and sped away, but returned in the vehicle minutes later and fled on foot.

Bad houseguest

A man allegedly stole $1,500 in cash and electronics from the W. Sixth Street apartment of a woman he was staying with on Sept. 6, according to police.

The victim said she and her so-called friend — who was staying with her for a few days — went out to dinner at 9 pm, but the man left early to go back to the woman’s home between Avenue P and Quentin Road. When the victim got home, she found her money and electronics from the room the man was staying in gone, police reported.

— Will Bredderman