Thief visits the Waterfalls

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Café crook

A sticky-fingered thief swiped an unattended bag inside Atlantic Avenue’s Waterfall Café on Sept. 16.

The woman left her bag, which contained a wallet and a checkbook, at a table inside the eatery between Clinton and Henry streets when she stepped into the bathroom at 3 pm. When she returned a few minutes later, her bag was gone.

Sneaker snatch

Two thugs were arrested after they attacked a 17-year-old on Columbia Street — with the victim’s own Razor scooter — during an attempt to steal the teen’s sneakers on Sept. 17.

The victim was nearing Lorraine Street at 5:30 pm when the suspects stopped him, demanding his kicks.

The victim refused and the suspects cracked the scooter over his head, leaving the teen with a deep cut that needed medical attention.

Blade boys

A pair of goons pulled knives on a 26-year-old during a Sept. 17 mugging on Court Street.

The victim was between Lorraine and Bush streets at 9:35 am when the thieves swiped his cellphone and $160 — telling him that if the victim wanted to get his phone back, he would have to buy it from them.

An exchange was set to take place at the corner of Ninth Street and Fourth Avenue, but the drop off never occurred, the victim told police.

Cellphone grab

Two knife-wielding toughs snagged a cellphone from a 17-year-old girl at Richards and Sullivan streets on Sept. 16.

The victim was nearing the corner at 4:30 pm when the thieves flashed a knife and knocked the phone out of her hand.


Six young women forced a 16-year-old girl to give up $10 and her MetroCard during a Sept. 16 altercation on Hoyt Street.

The victim was between Wyckoff and Baltic streets at 3 pm when the suspects surrounded her.

— Thomas Tracy