Thieves rob man inside apartment

94th Precinct


House arrest

Two menacing thieves robbed a man inside his Manahttan Avenue apartment on Feb. 14.

The victim said the thugs knocked on his apartment door at 7:30 pm. When he opened the door one held him against the wall while the other stole his phone and laptop.

He said the thugs punched out the door windows and fled to Driggs Avenue, but cops arrested them a few blocks away.

Roebling mugging

Two thieves stole a woman’s phone and purse on Roebling Street on Feb. 16.

The victim told police she was near N. Sixth Street at 9:55 pm when the perps approached her from behind and punched her head.

She dropped her phone, which one thief picked up, while the other perp grabbed her purse.

TV taken

A thief stole a television and computer from a N. Sixth Street apartment on Feb. 15.

The tenant told cops she left her apartment near Kent Aveue at 7 pm, and when she returned five hours later, she found that her stuff was missing.

Laptop missing

A thief stole a laptop and jewelry from a N. 10th Street apartment on Feb. 16.

The tenant said she left her apartment near Berry Street at 8 am and returned at 9 pm only to find that door was open and her stuff was missing.


A thief snatched a woman’s iPhone on the G train as it came into the Greenpoint Avenue station on Feb. 14.

The victim told police that she was on a Brooklyn-bound train at 12:30 pm when the thief grabbed the phone and ran off the train as the doors opened.


A thief grabbed a woman’s iPhone on N. Third Street on Feb. 14.

The victim told police she was looking at her phone between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street at 1:15 am when the perp ran toward her, grabbed it out of her hand, and ran toward Bedford Avenue.

Maintenance car

A thief stole a maintenance van parked on Calyer Street on Feb. 15.

The driver said he parked his van near West Street at 2:37 pm, but when he returned at 5 pm, he saw it was missing.

— Aaron Short