Thieves stick-up man at gunpoint


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Violent robbery

Four crooks threatened to shoot a man and stole $3,000 on Bay 20th Street on Dec. 1. 

The victim told police that the group approached him on the corner of Bay 20th Street and 81st Avenue just before 1 am, when one brute held a gun to his head while the other thieves grabbed $3,000 and his phone.

Cellphone attack

A brute hit a 64-year-old man in the head with a cellphone on McDonald Avenue on Dec. 3.

The victim told cops that the ruffian smacked in him the head between Avenues O and P at 8:30 am after an argument, during which the jerk called him an “idiot and an “a——.”

Lottery looter

A gun-wielding robber stole $1,500 and a swath of lottery tickets from a store on 20th Avenue on Dec. 5.

An employee told police that the looter entered the deli on the corner of 86th Street at 3 am and told the employee to lie down on the floor while he tied his hands together — before snatching $1,500 from the register and and a swath of lottery tickets.

Teenager terror

Five teenagers stole $80 from a 32-year-old man on 81st Street on Dec. 4.

The victim said that the group of knife-wielding delinquents approached him on the corner of 20th Avenue at noon, and nabbed his wallet before taking the $80, and throwing the wallet back at him.