This week’s Standing O!

This week’s Standing O!
Photo by Tom Callan

Coney Island

Look, Standing O knows that Pia Toscano hails from Howard Beach, in another borough, but she is singing in our very own MCU Park and that is right here in fantastic Coney Island. In 2003, the then-15-year-old Queens crooner made one of her first public appearances at the home of our beloved Cyclones. Now eight years later and after a stint on Season 10 of “American Idol,” she’s back to wow the crowds at a Cyclones game. Not only will she sing our nation’s anthem, but she’s throwing out the first pitch. Standing O suggests you get tickets now for the Aug. 22 game when Pia pitches and the Cyclones take on the Tri-City Valley Cats. It’s gonna be one helluva night.

MCU Park [1904 Surf Ave. at West 17th Street in Coney Island, (718) 449-8497].


Welcome, bienvenue

Think Fabricate has come to Downtown and opened up a brand spankin’ new showroom. Come on over and take a gander at its latest collection of fab furniture including Stepping Stones, Wall*nuts, Walnutopia, TV Quilt and Fleur de Noyer. All of the furniture is designed and made right here in our very own borough. Each of Think’s designs are modern, with historical motifs, colorful accents and meticulous detailing, and every single piece offers smart storage solutions — and we all know how important smart storage is when you live in a third floor walk-up.

Think Fabricate [25 Chapel St. at Jay Street in Downtown, (718) 797-1041].

Dyker Heights

That’s what friends are for

The Brooklyn chapter of the Sweet Adelines joined with sister Adelines at the Airport Plaza Shopping Center in Farmingdale to celebrate Sweet Adelines International Day which commemorates the 66th anniversary of the founding of the women’s barbershop harmony organization. The women, in unaccompanied, four-part harmony, serenaded shoppers with barbershop favs and even one number in sign language.

The chorus rehearses every Monday night in Dyker Heights. Interested singers should call Standing O pal Elizabeth at (917) 656-6782.


Just a Mac a day

The good guys at the Mac Support Store, the first ever Apple authorized repair shop in Brooklyn, donated six Mac laptops to the not-for-profit Rise Up and Walk Youth Outreach Center. When co-owners Jeff Graber and Judith Barr heard about the need for computers for underprivileged youth, the duo clicked right in and donated to the cause. Now, thanks to Jeff and Judith’s generosity, the center is that much closer to reaching its goal of obtaining enough computers for 300 children by this fall.

The Mac Store is a one-stop shop for everything Mac — “We don’t do windows,” Jeff told Standing O.

Pia Toscano belts out a song.
Associated Press / Charles Sykes

Mac Support Store [168 Seventh St. between Second and Third avenues in Gowanus, (718) 312-8341].

Brooklyn Heights

Laudes above

It’s official — for the fourth year in a row our very own St. Francis College was named by Forbes.com on its annual America’s Best Colleges list, and moving up 38 slots from last year’s standing. “St. Francis College has been generating some great momentum these past several years,” said Prez Brendan Dugan. You said it, mister.

St. Francis College [180 Remsen St. at Court Street in Brooklyn Heights, (718) 489-5214].

Fort Greene

Bad boys, watcha gonna do

Look out, criminals, Beverly Bradley is here. This black belt sensai in Tae Kwon Do is taking back the streets, one karate kick and ear-clap at a time. “I saw a video of a girl being grabbed and taken against her will,” said Beverly to Standing O. “And that sparked my interest to help women protect themselves.”

That pebble started the ripple of starting self-help and fitness classes. It also spawned a website and a face-page dedicated to helpful health tips and the best ways to protect yourself. Beverly leads classes every Saturday and Wednesday in Fort Greene Park and every Monday at a dojo in the nabe.

“Self defense is all about transferring pain,” Beverly told us. “In Tae Kwon Do, the first maneuver to learn is to kick the attacker in the knee, the knee buckles, the attacker falls down, you get away. In Sanuces-Ryu (survival-street techniques) you learn to clap your attacker hard on the ear, it throws off the equilibrium, the attacker is disoriented, you get away.”

Beverly also believes that you should train on all types of terrain, she leads her class in the woody area of the park, on gravel, cement and tight spaces. After all it’s almost a given that you’re not going to get attacked in a dojo with cushy floor mats.

Contact Beverly by visiting www.undergroundphysique.com or calling (917) 796-6109.

Mac Support Store co-owners Jeff Graber and Judith Barr have donated computers.
Looks like they took this themselves