Three Kings Day Parade marches through Williamsburg for 23rd year

three kings' day parade
Colorful: The Three Kings Day Parade featured dancers dressed in traditional garb.
Photo by Caroline Ourso

Mariachi bands and bejeweled revelers pranced down Graham Avenue as part of Williamsburg’s Three Kings Day Parade on Sunday in honor of the beloved Catholic holiday. 

The 23rd annual parade, which took off from Graham Avenue by Meeker Avenue at 2 pm, featured live music, dancing, and marchers decked out in colorful costumes and billowing dresses. According to one onlooker, the parade was a fun celebration of the neighborhood’s Latino roots.

“I loved it. I think it was a great representation of the neighborhood,” said Williamsburg resident Julie Verdugo, who attended the festivities with her sister, boyfriend, and dog after hearing the parade’s music from her home. “When I realized it was for Three Kings Day, I was very excited.” 

Three Kings Day, also called Epiphany, is a Catholic feast day that pays tribute to the magi who visited Jesus Christ shortly after his birth. The Jan. 6 holiday — celebrated on the 12th day of Christmas — is especially popular in Latin America and Spain, where Catholics bake special treats, host parades, and give children presents. 

three kings day parade
Celebrate!: Marchers decked out in traditional costumes adorned with feathers and beads strutted down Graham Avenue for the Three Kings Day ParadePhoto by Caroline Ourso
three king's day parade
One participant, Biedrzycka Jadooiga, wore several beaded necklaces and a crown for the festival.Photo by Caroline Ourso
three king's day parade
Revelers wore decorated masks and some carried flags.Photo by Caroline Ourso
three king's day parade
The parade featured about 100 marchers, according to one onlooker.Photo by Caroline Ourso
three king's day parade
Two attendees, Rose and Oliver, overlook the festivities from their chairs.Photo by Caroline Ourso