Thug punches man on train and takes electronic book

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Book worm

A jerk beat up a straphanger on an F train on Feb. 26.

The victim told cops he was holding an electronic book while riding a Manhattan-bound F train near Seventh Avenue and Ninth Street at 7:45 pm, when a man grabbed the gadget. The straphanger held on tight — but the thug then whacked him in the left eye and ran away with the $300 device.

Band bandit

A cold-hearted crook stole a wedding band from an apartment on 12th Street on Feb. 17.

The poor bride told cops that she left her apartment near Prospect Park West unlocked at 5 pm for about an hour — giving a thief enough time to walk through the front door and snatched the $200 metal ring — as well as an iPad.

Mamma mia!

A rascal stole a wallet from a diner at a pizzeria on Third Avenue on Feb. 17.

The victim told cops that she set her purse on a table at Pizza Cotta Bene near Union Street at 3:10 pm, stepped away for a minute, and came back only to discover that it was gone — along with the brown leather wallet and credit cards inside.

Failed getaway

A slow-moving thief swiped a fancy cellphone from a man outside a coffee shop on Union Street on Feb. 15.

The victim told cops he was standing outside Tea Lounge near Seventh Avenue, holding his iPhone, at 4:40 pm when a man grabbed it and ran away. The bold cafe-goer then chased after the crook and — with the help of a nice guy on the street — caught up to the rascal and snatched the phone back.

Pizza rat

A perp stole some cash from a restaurant on Seventh Avenue on Feb. 19.

A worker at Anthony’s Pizza near 14th Street told cops that a creep busted the lock on the door between 1 and 10 am and made off with $760.

Disappearing Mac

A thief jacked a laptop and credit cards from an apartment on Fifth Avenue on Feb. 17.

The victim told cops that she left her home near 11th Street at 7:50 am, came back at 6:50 pm, and noticed the lock on her front door ajar. That’s when she discovered her $1,200 silver MacBook and a Gap credit card were gone.

— Natalie O’Neill

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