Top cop honored by 84th Precinct Council

Robberies may be up in the 84th Precinct, but cops like James Gipson are doing their part to bring them back down — and gain accolades while doing so.

At its Feb. 16 monthly meeting, Gipson was honored by the 84th precinct Community Council for his hand in the arrest of two alleged robbers on Fulton Street.

Officer James Gipson was on routine patrol on Jan. 7 when he received a call of a robbery in the Fulton Mall area, according to Leslie Lewis, president of the council. Gipson and his partner reacted quickly, speaking to the alleged victim, getting a description of the suspects, and tracking them down. After a scuffle with the cops, the men were arrested, Lewis noted. One of the men was found to be in possession of crack cocaine, he added.

The arrests earned Gipson Cop of the Month honors, a plaque with his name on it, and hearty applause from those gathered inside the Baptist Temple, 360 Schermerhorn Street.

Over the past month, there has been a 100 percent jump in robberies in the 84th Precinct, NYPD reveals.