Trespasser breaks into Grand Street building

90th Precinct



An intruder broke down the door of a Grand Street apartment building on Dec. 8 — and attempted to break into an apartment, but was thwarted by vigilant neighbors.

Two residents of the house between Lorimer and Leonard streets told police they heard the burglar break in the front door at 7:30 pm and then try to break into the second-floor apartment. But the burglar fled when one of the residents went into the hallway.


Police arrested a man who they say randomly grabbed a woman on the street and pushed her to the ground, twisting her ankle, on Cooper Street on Dec. 9.

A police officer who witnessed the assault near Broadway at 4:45 am said when she tried to take the crazed man into custody, he punched her in the face with a closed fist, causing her to suffer a bloody, cut lip. The man also flailed his arms and feet and refused to be handcuffed.

He was eventually subdued and charged with assault.

Hang onto your hummingbirds

Someone robbed a Metropolitan Avenue clothing store employee as she was stocking new clothing arrivals on Dec. 8.

The woman, who works at the thread shop between Lorimer and Leonard streets, told police that she was putting away the clothing order at 4:45 pm. She left her personal belongings — including her iPhone, two debit cards, and a pink iPhone case decorated with hummingbirds — on the front counter.

When she turned around, her stuff was gone. She didn’t see the thief.


A thug put a gun to a man’s head and told him to hand over all his stuff on Graham Avenue on Dec. 8.

The victim said he was at Maujer Street at 3:15 am when the ruffian put the weapon to his head and said, “What do you have on you? Give me your wallet and your phone and keep walking.”

The scared man handed over his driver’s license, credit card, debit card, iPhone 5, and $20 in cash and the thug fled.

Theft thwarted

Police arrested a 15-year-old who they say stole a woman’s iPhone at the J train station on Broadway on Dec. 7.

The woman told police she was sitting on a bench on the platform of the station near Lorimer Street at 10:30 am and using her phone to text when the teen ran by and snatched the gadget out of her hands.

The woman screamed for help and chased the boy, who was stopped by a witness, police reported.

— Danielle Furfaro