That sinking feeling! Cement truck falls into Downtown Brooklyn sinkhole

A cement truck fell into a trench on Livingston and Bond streets in Downtown Brooklyn Aug. 24.
Photo by Todd Maisel

A cement truck plunged into a sinkhole on Livingston Street in Downtown Brooklyn Monday afternoon, according to the authorities.

The 80,000 pound truck sank into the Flatbush Avenue-bound bus lane near Bond Street just after 1 pm on Aug. 24, but luckily no injuries were reported, according to a spokesman for the Fire Department.

The truck, owned by East Williamsburg firm U.S. Concrete, hit a plate in the road covering a trench for the installation of sewer pipes. 

The truck’s rear wheels sank into the street just after 1 pm.Photo by Todd Maisel

Firefighters rushed to the scene of the submersion shortly afterward and were still working to get the truck out of the hole on the east-bound red painted lane of the roadway at 4:45 pm, the spokesman said.

The first responders notified utility companies including National Grid to secure underground gas lines that were imperiled by the collapse. Officials for the Department of Environmental Protection were also on the scene because of the sewer lines being replaced.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority rerouted four of its bus lines, including the B41, B45, B67, and B103, temporarily cutting service to stops on both directions of Livingston Street between Smith Street and Flatbush Avenue, according to Twitter posts by the agency’s city bus division.

The Authority directed the four lines onto the Fulton Mall between Flatbush Avenue and Jay Street as of 4:30 pm, according to the Twitter account.