Truck overturns in East New York, rupturing gas tank

a truck overturned in east new york
A tractor-trailer tipped onto its side at Linden Boulevard and Van Sinderan Avenue in East New York on Tuesday morning.
Photo by Lloyd Mitchell

A truck overturned over in East New York on Tuesday, leaving both driver and passenger unharmed.

The truck tipped and fell on its side at the corner of Linden Boulevard and Van Sinderen Avenue at about 11:15 am, according to first responders on the scene. Firefighters from nearby Engine 290/Ladder 103 responded to the scene and found that the vehicle’s gas tank had ruptured, requiring a response from the department’s hazardous materials unit.

truck overturned
No one was injured when a tractor-trailer overturned in East New York on Tuesday morning.Photo by Lloyd Mitchell

HAZMAT workers siphoned gasoline from the ruptured drum, funneling it into a waiting drum barrel. No injuries were reported, according to the FDNY.

The cause of the overturn was not immediately clear, and the New York City Police Department had not yet received a crash report, according to a spokesperson, but high winds and speeding can both cause trucks to tip over.

Linden Boulevard, a wide, long street stretching through Brooklyn and Queens, is particularly hazardous for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, with dozens of crashes injuring nearly 100 people and killing two within just a few blocks of the scene of Tuesday’s crash in the last five years, according to CrashMapper. Earlier this month, a driver killed a 62-year-old woman in a hit-and-run less than a mile away.

tipped truck fdny
HAZMAT-trained firefighters siphoned gasoline out of the overturned truck’s ruptured tank to prevent a spill. Photo by Lloyd Mitchell