Turnoff! Police officer makes illegal turn on Flatbush Avenue

Turnoff! Police officer makes illegal turn on Flatbush Avenue
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This NYPD school safety officer needs to go back to driver’s ed.

The cop behind the wheel of a law-enforcement vehicle van in Prospect Heights blatantly ignored a sign forbidding left turns on Flatbush Avenue and veered across oncoming traffic onto Park Place around 1:30 pm on Thursday.

The van did not have its flashing lights or siren activated, according to our ace photographer, who caught the hair-raising turn on camera.

Drivers who want to turn onto Park Place while heading toward Prospect Park on the busy thoroughfare are supposed to make a right up at Sterling Place, another right at Seventh Avenue, and a third and final right onto Park.

The neighborhood’s police precinct has undertaken a series of high-profile road-safety initiatives this year, including cracking down on unlicensed dollar vans and on drivers double-parking in bike lanes and failing to yield to pedestrians.

The police department did not respond to a request for comment.

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