Two more iPhone muggings!

Driggs robbery

A gunman mugged a man for his iPhone on Driggs Avenue on Oct. 12 — but cops quickly rung him up.

The perp approached his victim at 7:15 pm near S. Fifth Street, displaying his firearm and demanding the fancy Apple phone.

The man gave up the device, but the thief was quickly picked up by police.

iPhone grab

A perp took a man’s iPhone on Oct. 17 as he was walking on Seigel Street heading to a nearby bar.

The perp approached his victim at 3 pm near White Street and began choking him from behind, forcing the victim to the ground. That’s where he punched him in the head and said, “I want your iPhone.”

The victim complied.

Give a lot

Three perps — one with a gun — surrounded a woman near Lorimer Street and took her cash on Oct. 17, as one threatened her with a firearm.

The perps approached the woman from behind at 9:20 pm on Ten Eyck Street. One thug pulled her hair and struck her in the stomach with the pistol.

“Give me everything bitch and don’t look at me,” another thug yelled before the woman handed over the bag, which contained $1,000.

Grand punch

A thug punched his victim several times on Grand Street and stole $24 on Oct. 15 before he was picked up by police.

The victim was near Humboldt Street at 12:08 am, when a perp approached from behind, struck him in the face and demanded cash.

He got the dinero, but was arrested three hours later.

Scholes TV

A thief broke into a Scholes Street apartment on Oct. 16, taking $5,500 worth of jewelry and electronics. The tenant told cops that he had left his apartment near Graham Avenue at 4 pm and returned 12 hours later to find the break in.


A thief stole two computers from a Ten Eyck Street apartment late on Oct 16.

The tenants left the apartment near Union Avenue to go to a bar at 11:30 pm. When they returned four hours later, they found their computers were stolen.

OK computer

A perp stole a computer from a S. Ninth Street apartment on Oct. 15.

The tenant left her apartment at 7 pm near Bedford Avenue, but when she returned four hours later, she found her apartment was broken into and her computer and hard drive were gone.

Velvet lounge

A thief broke into the Velvet Lounge, on Broadway next to Peter Luger, on Oct. 14 and stole the bar’s laptop.

The perp entered through a side door between 7:30 and 10 pm near Bedford Avenue, and took the laptop while the bar’s proprietor was out.

Car talk

At least two cars were swiped on Oct. 12:

• A thief stole a Toyota that had been parked for just 10 minutes on Powers Street near Graham Avenue at 10:40 pm.

• A thief stole an Acura from Meserole Street sometime between 8:40 pm on Oct. 12 and 7:15 am the next morning, when the owner returned to the now-empty spot near Manhattan Avenue.

Cab robbery

A thug picked up a taxicab on Berry Street on Oct. 11, and robbed the driver at knife point.

The thief entered the cab near S. Third Street at 10:10 pm, and displayed a knife, demanding cash. The cabbie surrendered $80, and the perp fled.

Train robbery

Two perps robbed a teenager as he was leaving the Morgan Avenue L-train station on his way to school on Oct. 12.

The perps approached the 16-year-old victim near Harrison Place at 8:45 am, when one waved a knife and threatened, “If you try to swing at me, I’m gonna cut you.”

One thief took the boy’s phone and escaped after a brief chase.

Sit down

A robber pushed his victim into his Graham Avenue home on Oct. 9 and took his messenger bag — but this would-be Mercury was collared a few days later.

The thief shoved his victim at 2:30 am into the lobby of his building near Ainslie Street and sat on his back before removing his things.

The perp fled, but was arrested on Oct. 12.