Two muggings at N. Seventh St. train station

94th Precinct


Train station muggings

Two people were mugged in the N. Seventh Street L train station in separate incidents on Aug. 14 and 16, police said.

• The first victim told police he had just bought a MetroCard at the station near Bedford Avenue at 6:40 pm when the mugger stuck a knife to the victim’s side and said, “Give me your wallet.” He then ran off with the man’s iPod, headphones, credit card, MetroCard, and cash.

• A woman told police she was at the station two days later at 3:40 pm filling her MetroCard, but got distracted by a man pacing back and forth. A moment later, the brute threw her into a bear hug, ripped her purse from her shoulder, and fled up the stairs.

Stay in the car

A good Samaritan who stopped to help someone who appeared in need of it found himself surrounded by three ne’er-do-wells who wrestled him to the ground and cut his middle finger with a knife on Norman Avenue on Aug. 19.

The victim told police he was driving near Jewel Street at 3:20 am when a man on the street flagged him down. When the victim stopped to help, the bullies attacked. After the scuffle they threw the knife in a sewer and ran away, the victim said.


Police arrested two men who they say robbed a N. Sixth Street apartment on Aug. 9.

The victim told police someone stole her iPhone and other belongings from her apartment between Kent Street and the waterfront at 6:45 pm. Police used the phone’s tracking app and arrested the suspects.

A large sum

Someone stole a duffle bag containing $30,000 from an armored car while the employee was filling an ATM on Metropolitan Avenue on Aug. 13.

The victim told police he was stocking the automated teller machine at a bar near Union Street at 4 am. When he returned to the vehicle, the bag was gone. He told police he was unsure if he locked the driver’s-side door.

Basement break-in

A burglar forced his way into a basement office on Manhattan Avenue on Aug. 16 — and took off with cash and a laptop belonging to a restaurant worker who was on his shift.

The victim told police that someone entered the basement’s open hatch at Bedford Avenue at 1:40 am, and then forced open the door to the office and stole the cash and Mac computer.

Train robber

A villain snatched a woman’s iPad while she was sitting on the L train at the Graham Avenue station on Aug. 2.

The victim told police she was sitting on the train at the station near Metropolitan Avenue at 1 pm when the the crook swooped in and snatched the tablet out of her hands. She followed him into the station but lost him on the platform.

— Danielle Furfaro