Vicious dog-on-dog violence in Prospect Park

Vicious dog-on-dog violence in Prospect Park
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

The owner of a purebred Italian greyhound is on the hunt for the human companion of a canine bully that mangled her pup in Prospect Park — and she’s demanding partial reimbursement for thousands in vet bills.

Kasia Bednarska took her pup, Tali, to the dog run near the boathouse at 5 pm on Monday only to encounter a chocolate-brown pit bull who pounced on the skinnier dog and broke his left front leg.

Owner of the pit bull — whom Bednarska described as a 30-something blonde — fled, leaving Bednarska’s 10-month-old pup whimpering in agony.

“His leg was just hanging there,” she said. “I understand they’re both animals, but you should have some control over your pet.”

X-rays revealed that Tali’s leg was broken in two places. The vet said that $3,000 in surgery might be needed. The first vet visit alone cost the Prospect Lefferts Gardens resident $720.

Later, Bednarska posted fliers inside the park, as well as an ad on Craigslist recounting the dog-on-dog crime.

Bednarska said she’s considering a lawsuit if the owner is found but does not offer any money.

She might have a case. “Pets are property, and like cars, they are subject to the control and liability of their owners,” said civil attorney Morgan Smith.

Contact Kasia Bednarska at (917) 288-1164 with any information about the doggie debacle.

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The x-ray and vet bills tell the whole story.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini